Target Audience


Besides the production of new knowledge about young people, their aspirations and opportunities for participating, SocIEtY expects an impact on youth itself. SocIEtY provides not only a new perspective on youth – instead young people themselves will be able to articulate their own perspective. By offering and implementing social innovation in terms of a participatory approach, SocIEtY will provide opportunity spaces. Within these spaces, young people can develop their ability for articulating their own aspirations and needs, understand through the research experience that their voices and ideas matter and have a real impact on policymaking.

Policy makers

SocIEtY will advance the knowledge base that underpins the formulation and implementation of all youth, welfare and educational policies in Europe. Included as well are policy fields such as gender, health, housing, family, social care and delinquency – dependent on the focus of the case studies and the relevancies of the young people.

By using a reformulated understanding of the Capability ApproacH, SocIEtY offers a coherent basis for analysing, evaluating, designing policies and democratisation on local, national and EU levels. Furthermore, the theoretical underpinning in itself constitutes a broadening of the informational basis as it is designed to capture the complexities of inequalities and the pluralism of human flourishing.


The project will involve stakeholders on all levels in the accomplishment and diffusion of research. SocIEtY will provide all identified stakeholders within the city districts with knowledge that improves the delivery of efficient, fair and relevant services taking a long-term perspective; stimulating the individual’s potential for participation, creativity and autonomy. Stakeholders will be supported in preparing and implementing our participatory approach for enabling social innovation processes and improving the situation of young people by empowering young people’s voices and narratives.


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